Fri Feb 8 Hetero
Last Itch

We hadn’t had sex in a while, was all I could think of as I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration. Yes, I was frustrated. It had been months since I had had my body folded over on myself. Since I had strained to scream yet no words come out. Since tears had run down my cheeks due to the intensity and relentless pounding my body was receiving. Since I had been hurt so good! This…

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Tue Jan 15 Imagination Motivates

Have you ever listened to Fever Ray? If you haven’t, you must listen to The Wolf. Especially when you feel ‘some type of way’ *chuckle* The way the beat goes. So seductive. It makes you sway according to the beat. The bass. The drums. The sounds. It evokes feelings as she wails and snarls in your ear. It makes your body sing. Makes your hands slip down slowly. Down south. You…

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Wed Aug 29 Kinky

A kiss. No, not one. Dozens. Multitude. Rushed. Frenzied. Nipping and biting at my lips. Sucking and licking. My tongue in his mouth. Lashing against his. Open-mouthed, deep and fierce. Stroking down to my neck. Sucking and biting still. We are a mass of writhing pleasure. Dark and deep and full of burning… Burning. Longing. Need. Hands hurrying to trace limbs. Flesh. Skin. His fingers…

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Mon Jun 25 Hetero
Paper Talk

She looked at the email blast in part excitement, part trepidation. ‘Calling all nudes! Please send nudes to the below email address. I draw tastefully, I assure you 😉.’ She shut down her laptop and bit her lip, then quickly restarted it. Fuck it, she said inwardly as she sent a photo of herself lying down sultrily in bed, her face cropped out. A few minutes later, she got a…

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