Mon Jun 25 Hetero
Paper Talk

She looked at the email blast in part excitement, part trepidation. ‘Calling all nudes! Please send nudes to the below email address. I draw tastefully, I assure you 😉.’ She shut down her laptop and bit her lip, then quickly restarted it. Fuck it, she said inwardly as she sent a photo of herself lying down sultrily in bed, her face cropped out. A few minutes later, she got a…

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Sun Jun 10 Hetero

I bent in through the open car door to grab my bag and squealed as I felt his hands trail my dress up my thighs. My breath hitched as I felt him come closer till he was pressed against me. His hands on my hips under my dress. I leaned back against him and shut my eyes as he kissed and nibbled down my neck. His hands skimmed my knickerless bottom and I gasped. He raised a hand to turn my…

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Wed May 23 Hetero
Hush Hush

“Stop! You do know there’s someone upstairs, don’t you?” I giggle as he nips my shoulder playfully. He grins wickedly as his hand slides up my leg slowly, my skirt rising as his hand moves. “I’m serious, T! He’s right there! And he may not be sleeping.” I say again, trying but not really trying to stop the movement of his hand. We are in my living room and it’s dimly…

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Fri Apr 27 Hetero
Your Kiss

I like the way you fuck me. The way you slip into me then slide in and out. It feels like you're back home. Where you belong. I like the way you eat me out. Your tongue bathing my clit. My cunt. My pleasure before yours. Always. Most of all. I love the way you kiss me. The way you mold my lips with yours. Stroke my tongue with yours. Nibble then lave. Bite then suck. Top then bottom lip.…

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