Fri Apr 27 Hetero
Your Kiss

I like the way you fuck me. The way you slip into me then slide in and out. It feels like you're back home. Where you belong. I like the way you eat me out. Your tongue bathing my clit. My cunt. My pleasure before yours. Always. Most of all. I love the way you kiss me. The way you mold my lips with yours. Stroke my tongue with yours. Nibble then lave. Bite then suck. Top then bottom lip.…

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Mon Mar 26

RAIN AND ALL IT ENCOMPASSES   I walked slowly through the cemetery with the strap of my knapsack dangling from my pinkie and trailing in the fallen autumn leaves. I thought a lot. Of everything and of nothing. The best times were when my mind was blank. When I tried to think of something but it felt like my mind could not be arsed to muster up any thoughts. Unfortunately, those were…

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Sat Mar 3 Hetero

‘Baby? Baby are you okay!?’ As his voice got more frantic then faint, all I could do was moan, rocking from side to side on the bed. Legs curled with my arms around my knees. Animal moans. Pain. Devastation. I felt arms around me as he shook and hugged and cuddled. I felt his lips on my forehead. His fingers wiping my tears. My mouth was open, despair emitting. I turned my face into…

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Wed Feb 14 Hetero
Valentine's Day

VALENTINE’S DAY   Petals on the bed. Oh. That’s interesting… I don’t see them. I’m blindfolded. I feel them. Smell them. Caressing my skin as I writhe on the bed. Clutching the fragrant petals and bringing them to my nose to smell. Breathing in deeply. The scent, a heady one in my nostrils. My lungs. A quick gasp as I feel fingers trailing from my toes to my ankles to my…

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