Wed Feb 14 Hetero
Valentine's Day

VALENTINE’S DAY   Petals on the bed. Oh. That’s interesting… I don’t see them. I’m blindfolded. I feel them. Smell them. Caressing my skin as I writhe on the bed. Clutching the fragrant petals and bringing them to my nose to smell. Breathing in deeply. The scent, a heady one in my nostrils. My lungs. A quick gasp as I feel fingers trailing from my toes to my ankles to my…

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Thu Feb 1 LGBT
Not So Unrequited Maybe - 3

**an excerpt**   CHAPTER THREE ***  Deadpool was a trip from the moment they began watching. Ashley could not believe how funny it was! As he laughed and chewed away, he almost forgot about his boyfriend (BOYFRIEND!) next to him. That is, until Josh started playing with his right ear. Ashley gasped silently, his mind suddenly switching from sexy Ryan Reynold on the screen to the…

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Tue Jan 23 Hetero

“I can’t help remembering last night. How fucking tight you felt around my dick. Your warmth. The heat. Your wet, clasping cunt.” “Fuck, I wish you were here right now. I want to feel you so bad. With my mouth. My tongue. My lips. My teeth. My fingers. My cock.” “Do you know what I’d do to you if you were here? I’d move your legs just so…till your thighs are wide apart…

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Mon Jan 8 Hetero
Over and Over Again

The sound of the bowl shattering surprises even me. I look at him, a similar look of surprise and slight fear in his eyes. Recovering quickly, I grab the salad bowl and fling it at him, ignoring his warning look. It splatters on the cupboard next to him, lettuce and tomato and cucumber slices like confetti raining on his white shirt. His eyes narrow and he walks slowly towards me. I back…

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